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Countdown numbers

3601 images in the PNG format, transparent background, and white numbers in the font Roboto Bold. A 60-minute countdown from 60:00 to 0. After 01:00, the leading 00: moves to the left and gets smaller, until it completely vanishes. Allowing space for a large countdown for the last few seconds.

This can be used to add to existing videos. Import the image sequence to your video project and expand from 1 fps to the frame rate you want. Adjust color or opacity.

Great for parties like New Year's Eve parties. Start the video 1 hour before midnight, and the crowd can then shout a countdown from 10 to 0.

3 resolutions in separate downloads:

4k = 3840 × 2160
1080p = 1920 × 1080
1440p = 2560 × 1440

Sample files (ZIP, 16.6 MB) with 4 images in each resolution. To see which resolution works best in your project.

Be aware that all 3 variations are archived in the 7z format. ZIP would have needed over 8 GB for the 4k images.

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Countdown numbers

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