QR Offline Fabrik

Stefan Scholl
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Bulk generating QR codes without compromising on privacy. Your data stays on your computer.

  • Bulk generating QR codes from CSV file.
  • Offline. Your data stays on your local computer. No privacy issues.
  • No limit on number of generated QR codes. No need to pay extra for exceeding 100 or 1000 codes.
  • Same pixel size for every generated bitmap image. Easy to place on your print product.
  • Supports Scalable Vector Format = SVG

Input: CSV file. You select the column you want to encode


  1. QR codes in a selected image format (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, SVG)
  2. CSV file with all your input data and an additional column with a path to the corresponding image file.

DRM free software for Windows. Feel free to order more than 1 if you have plans of installing it on more than one computer. Or don't.

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QR Offline Fabrik

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